Panisse ``Cochon``
$ 26

Garlic panisse, pickled mushroom, dijon, frisee

Melon Curry
$ 22

Crispy shallot, coconut cream, basil

Foie Gras
$ 32

Pan seared foie gras, fennel fagoza, hydromel - black pepper sauce (+15.00 for add-on for 4-course tasting)

Tuna Tartare
$ 32

Tomato three ways, grilled cherries, almond

House Smoked Trout
$ 28

Salad nicoise, preserved strawberry vinaigrette, creme fraiche


Red Snapper
$ 38

Salpicon, sundried tomatoes - snow peas, summer mushrooms

Everything Crusted Chicken Breast
$ 36

Bell and Evans organic chicken, rainbow chard, broiled cauliflower, jus de cuisson

Cabbage Steak
$ 32

Beets, daikon, brown butter, potato crumble

``Surf & Turf``
$ 42

Grilled pork loin, crispy octopus, buttered beans and kernels, stonefruit chutney

Rabbit Ragout
$ 44

P.A. Bowen Aquesco jack cappelletti, Belgian brown beer, pickled raisins


$ 12

Dark chocolate & orange

Peach - Apricot Doughnut
$ 14

Extra virgin olive oil gelato

Blue Cheesecake
$ 12

P.A. Bowen Farm Blue Cheese, raspberry jelly, Kent Island figs, pecan crust

Includes welcome snacks, and one selection from each category

Four-course dinner menu ($75)

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