Artichoke Skordalia
$ 23

Pine nuts, yoghurt, cornbread, crispy artichoke

Melon Curry
$ 22

Crispy shallot, coconut cream, basil

Foie Gras
$ 32

Pan seared foie gras, fennel fagoza, hydromel - black pepper sauce (+15.00 for add-on for 4-course tasting)

Grilled Asparagus ``Caesar Style``
$ 25

Farm egg, rustic crisp

Scallop-Cucumber Carpaccio
$ 32

Buttermilk dressing, fresno peppers, cucamelon


$ 38

White asparagus, bearnaise sauce, seaweed mash potatoes

Everything Crusted Chicken Breast
$ 36

Bell and Evans organic chicken, rainbow chard, broiled cauliflower, jus de cuisson

Heirloom Tomato Burger
$ 32

Grilled haloumi cheese, eggplant, basil mayo, parmesan tuile

Seafood Board
$ 46

Gueuze battered cod, baby octopus, prawns, ratatouille, garlic-passion fruit aioli

Smoked Short Ribs
$ 42

Sour cherry gastrique, pomme ecrassees, charred onion powder, yeast soubise


$ 12

Raw cacao meringue, double chocolate gelato

Peach - Apricot Doughnut
$ 14

Extra virgin olive oil gelato

Black & Blue Cheesecake
$ 12

Blue cheese, black & blueberry jelly

Includes welcome snacks, and one selection from each category

Four-course dinner menu ($75)

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